Highway tunnel, my favorite scene

Articulated steam engine

David Johnson picked this up at the Boeing show

First corner of the layout, lower and upper tracks, plus highway

Discing the farm field

Long view down highway toward tunnel in the corner of the layout room

Rural pond

Dave Stortzum on the right, with David Johnson

Farm coop

View toward back wall across 2 peninsulas

Dave Stortzum seated at the controls

The last unfinished leg of the layout just had plaster cloth applied to it

Trains on display along the wall

All the water effects are kept local to each scene

View down the back wall of the layout room

Coal mine

Plaster cloth is applied to form scenic contour, then comes the green paint

View from the coal mine

The basement room is finished, with track lighting, panelling, and window curtains

Framed pictures are of Dave's former layout

Train display and art add a nice touch to the ambience of the room

View of the layout room from the far end toward the entrance door

Whole room view toward the long wall

View of first peninsula and the beginning leg along the wall

Industrial buildings are laid out on the second peninsula

Prodigy DCC throttle

Black paper stock is used for underlayment of urban area

Tools of the trade

Peninsula under construction with completed scenery along the wall

First peninsula under construction with completed scenery in the background

Greyhound bus heading out of town

Peninsula being worked on with back wall completed

Long view of the first scene you see when you enter the layout room

A bit further down the line on the first leg of the layout

Lots of activity at the coop

Burlington power switches the coop

Long single track trestle

View of the trestle from the coop facility

This is the scene in a corner of the room, it features a road instead of emphasizing the two train tracks

Three industrial areas occupy the foreground, mid-way back, and background

Bridge over the water with the gravel mine up above

View of the long trestle from the other end of the layout

Perspective of the long trestle fronted by the farm coop

The main line below, then the gravel pit, with a road leading to the industry above

Gravel pit

Main lines swing away from the front of the modules

Fine N Scale Zephyr

Wall display