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MVNS Modules at the Springfield Model RR Club Show

at the Illinois State Fairgrounds

Photos by Tim O'Fallon March 5, 2006

Lindenwood Yard along I-44 in Maplewood, Missouri

At the Poplar Street Bridge over the Mississippi River

Justin Sobeck's Illinois Central lashup

Glenn Koproske's custom painted ICG locomotives

Tim O'Fallon's D&RGW engines lead a long string of livestock cars

Chris Zygmont's brand new Santa Fe Super Chief ABBA set

Train fans of Springfield, Illinois enjoy the modules from St. Louis, Missouri

Boy Scout camp nestled in the hills on Glenn Koproske's River module

Geno Richard built these modules

The end of an IC freight passes through bridges on the River module

Ali Shahriary's Cascade Green BN train speeds through Bill Rieschel's modules

Justin Sobeck custom painted these Manufacturers Railway units

Shell Oil refinery on Geno Richard's modules

Glenn Koproske puts his all-caboose train on the yard track

Glenn Koproske's GM&O custom painted diesels

GM&O pulls the caboose train past Chris Zygmont's auto racks

The caboose train leaves the yard

Trains from Justin, Tim, Glenn, and Chris in the yard

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