Manufacturers Railway SW9/1200

Special Run decorated by deLuxe Innovations

Priced at $89.00

MVNS decided to do a special run and thought that doing another freight car was too commonplace. An engine, though, would be unique and fill a marketing niche. We commissioned deLuxe Innovations to decorate 100 Life-Like SW9/1200 copies of this exquisite model of a local St. Louis prototype. This was featured at the 7th annual N Scale Collector Convention, June 1999. They are now all sold out. Our club members worked hard to plan the special run, obtain the locomotives and undecorated shells, get the Micro-Trains coupler conversions, disassemble them, ship them off, and reassemble them adding custom trim colors. We also had to dispose of the original shells in various roadnames that came from the factory. The right to produce this road name was difficult to obtain, and it is highly unlikely that permission will ever be granted to produce more. This is a TRULY unique engine, used by one of the world's best known and largest breweries, Anheuser-Busch. Custom insert designed and produced by Bob Miano. Photo-Bob Miano

N Scale Model Photo

Custom Insert

Prototype Photo Taken at Manufactuers Railway Yard, St. Louis, Missouri