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What is "N scale"...

... N scale became popular in the late 1960's, and is one of the smallest scales in model railroading. At 160th normal scale -- that's roughly 1/4 the size of the old Lionel trains and 1/2 the size of HO -- an average N scale locomotive may be less than an inch tall. Despite their diminutive size, these trains and the accompanying scenery are amazingly accurate reproductions of the real world.

Club members may spend hours building trains and buildings with the aid of tweezers, magnifying glasses and a good deal of patience. They pride themselves on accuracy right down to the slightest detail... from the tiny flashing "end of train device" on a long freight train, to the real cedar shingles and wood siding on a small town store.

It is this ability to create astonishing detail and beauty in a relatively small area that gives N scale its world wide appeal!
About MVNS...

... The Mississippi Valley N Scalers LLC model railroad club was founded in April of 1990. It is the oldest exclusive N scale club in the St. Louis Metro area. The club owns both fixed and modular (NTRAK) layouts. Our members come from both sides of the Mississippi river. They share a common love of model railroading and a sincere interest in sharing their knowledge and expertise with fellow members.
NTRAK modules...

... NTRAK modules are portable sections of track -- usually 4 feet long by 2 feet deep -- built to strict specifications. These sections are then combined to make large operating layouts that can be displayed at shopping malls and special events.

Because of its modular design, our NTRAK layout can be made to fit virtually any size space and in a variety of shapes. The minimum size of our modular layout is 12' x 16' and the maximum size is limited only by the number and shape of our modules.

Modules allow modelers to concentrate their efforts in a relatively small area. The results are dramatic; cities, towns, farms, factories, rivers, mountains, carnivals, freight yards and more!

The club has over 30 NTRAK modules -- some owned by individuals and some club owned -- and the number continues to grow!
Fixed layouts...

... Over the years, MVNS has helped to build fixed layouts at a home in Glen Carbon, a laundromat in Belleville, a school in Lemay, at the City Museum in downtown St. Louis, and at Augusta Station in the heart of Missouri's Wine Country.

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We have several members with fixed layouts in their basements. We rotate visits to their homes on a regular basis for work sessions and to run trains. Check the MVNS calendar page for the next date we will be at any of these locations.


Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16.

At the present time, dues for Full Membership have been reduced to $40 per year

For more N-formation...

...If you'd like to know more about membership in our club or how to book our modules for your next special event, please Click Here or send email to mvns@railfan.net

or write to us at:
1864 Harbor Mill Drive
Fenton, MO 63026

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