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Christmas 2002 at St. Louis Union Station

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All pictures on this page taken by Glenn Koproske.

Visit the Kansas City Southern's Holiday Express Website

Kansas City Southern platform observation car with two drumheads

KCS A-B-A set of F units

Lead F has stainless grills

Amtrak MHC in Stealth Gray

Gleaming black paint job

A-B-A engine set

Three quarter view

It doesn't get any prettier than this

Lead F unit on Rail Cruise Americal dinner train

Another gleaming paint job on StLCC F unit

Shorty caboose formerly from a logging company

Worker in the observation car

Thomas engine mounted on a KCS flatcar

Green Christmas caboose

Red Christmas caboose

Visitors could go inside

Both cabooses

Set of 8 reindeer units

Full face of Thomas

Rear three quarter view

The lights glow brighter as it gets darker

Lights wrapped around all the cars

You can see all five pieces of rolling stock

Front three quarter view

Crossing the WC at Slinger

Santa's motive power

Green caboose lit up

Red caboose lit up

Rail Cruise America dinner train ad

Another view of the green caboose

Thomas lit up

The whole train glows with light

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