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Show Me MO! Green Pines Elementary Young Learners' Conference
Riding from the Past to the Future on Missouri Trains
All Photos by Nancy Lubinski of Green Pines Elementary April 27 - 28, 2010

Tim O'Fallon makes sure every student has a MetroLink fold-up car, a Worlds Greatest Hobby booklet and an MVNS show flyer.

The MVNS Instructional Crew. Justin Sobeck, Ali Shahriary, Glenn Koproske, Fred Houska, and Tim O'Fallon.

An excursion train rides around Sheridan Inn.

A double stack intermodal train glides through Tolono.

Tim O'Fallon hands over a DCC throttle to let a student run a train on the layout..

Glenn next to the Sheridan Inn and River N-Trak modules at the front of the classroom.

Ali helps Tim clear an operational mishap. In other words, the trains fell over on the tracks.

The double stack intermodal train goes on its first lap around the layout and doesn't make it.

Students from one of the older classes watch the Amtrak Superliner train go through the Tolono and Sunfield modules.

Students see the River and Sheridan Inn modules.

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