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Lionel Layout Open House for MVNS

All photos by Ali Shahriary January 19, 2011

And Open House event was held at the home of Glenn Koproske for MVNS members. There was plenty of food and beverages, and train DVDs to watch as well. Then the group went down to the basement to enjoy a new Lionel layout and an N Scale modular layout.
David Johnson brought an MTH steam locomotive and is shown here getting it ready to pull a long train. This engine has a great smoke generator.

Glenn Koproske pictured at the control desk with a trolley in the foreground and a vintage billboard in between.

David Johnson and Glenn Koproske with Joe Kamm looking on are all enjoying the action provided by this steamer.

Closeup of David Johnson and Glenn Koproske. Glenn built this layout in 3 days in time for the holiday season. David lives just a couple minutes away in suburban Fenton, Missouri.

This is a long view of the layout, but there is still another track out of the frame that is the outer loop. Yes, that is a flying pig.

Fred Houska and Tim O'Fallon.

Dave, Joe, and Fred.

Glenn points out more fun items to Joe. There are 5 trains running at once on the layout.

Glenn and Joe Kamm. It is cold in the basement so everyone is dressed warmly.

The Tower of Despair looms over Fred's new steam locomotive.
This is Branzoll Castle in Tyrolia.

We change from Lionel happiness to N Scale disaster. The trains strike back.

This is an attempt to run all the Kato UP Heritage Fleet locomotives with their matching N Scale Collector covered hoppers and cabooses. They just did not play well together.

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