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Show Me MO! Green Pines Elementary Young Learners' Conference
Riding from the Past to the Future on Missouri Trains
All Photos by Jo Beck of Rockwood School District April 27 - 28, 2010

Glenn Koproske introduces the model railroad club Mississ ippi Valley N Scalers.

Fred Houska displays a map of all the railroads in Missouri.

Tim O'Fallon tells the class about grain cars, while students have hands-on in a tub of soybeans.

Ali Shahriary presents passenger railroading in Missouri.

Ali tells the class about railroad safety.

Ali shows Amtrak and MetroLink.

Justin Sobeck talked about jobs in railroading. Now the students get to come up and see the model railroad up close.

Boys like the trains.

The girls like the trains too.

The kids up front get a better view of the trains.

The students get to handle the freight cars.

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