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Photo Set 1

Photos by Wayne Burling

Sven's Amtrak Metroliner has a wreck. What a surprise! Dave Johnson's custom painted Northern Pacific streamliner glides by in the background.

Brand new Kato equipment for Amtrak! Glenn Koproske's Phase IV P42 Genesis pulls Superliner cars and MHC's. Jerry uses fine white sand for ballast.

Jerry Prott built this new steel mill kit. He had set aside this area of his layout for it because the kit was announced at the 2001 NMRA National Convention in St. Louis, and Jerry had to have it. It proved to be a frustrating kit to assemble, but it looks great here.

Jeff Coffelt brought his Kato Amtrak equipment to run also, and is working on getting his trains set up in the yard for some running time. Jerry had a friend come over and paint mountains on his basement walls.

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