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Tour of the Illinois Transit Assembly Corp. in Madison, Illinois

Photos by Bob Miano     May 19, 2007
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Bill Rieschel climbs aboard this Santa Fe El Capitan bilevel car.

Refurbished dome seating.

Glenn Koproske reposes in an El Capitan coach seat.

This car has oversized windows on one end, and would make a good place for an MVNS layout in a siding in Pacific, Missouri.

We are inside the shop building, looking at an SP car.

Here is the largest collection of dome cars found anywhere.

Tim O'Fallon and Glenn Koproske inspect the restoration work on the interior of this dome observation.

Office car.

Justin Sobeck tells us all about the history and the restoration work done on this passenger truck.

Passenger cars stretch as far as you can see.

Glenn Koproske has found an available spot on the underside of this cafeteria car for additional mechanicals.

Wheel sets lined up for their next assignment.

Zephyr observation car.

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