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Corner Module Fixtures

Photos by Glenn Koproske

There is a new set of fixtures for setting up our corner modules. They were built by Glenn Koproske with the help of Fred Houska. The purpose is to make it easy for one person to attach or remove the wood brackets and bolts holding the four corners together. The modules are up off the floor providing easy clearance for power tools. They are made from foam insulation board, and have a plywood base for added stability. They have nylon carrying straps for easy transport in and out of the show hall. Just one module is shown here for clarity. Normally you would have all four modules resting on these fixtures.

These fixtures can then be used to attach a leg to the corner module. Just set the module on the fixtures, then insert the leg and the two attaching bolts. Easy for one person to do.

The fixtures can be used to hold the four legs from the corner modules to make it easy to bundle them up for transport.

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