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MVNS at the March 2008 Collinsville Train Show

Photos by Fred Houska

MVNS banner greets visitors to our N-Trak layout.

Sheridan Inn module, owned by David Johnson,
features the work of Fred Houska.

Trains in the MVNS setup yard.
We use clip on halogen lights on all our skyboards.

Sounder, UP Big Boy, and JR Nozomi 500 pass through the yard.

One end of the layout features modules by
Charles Aue and Fred Houska and is attracting a crowd.

Module by Charles Aue.

Flashing crossbuck attracts spectators
and the children are drawn to the Thomas module with its arched bridge.

Two spectators admire the new modules from Jerry Prott,
who is seated on the stool in the background of this photo.

Racks of vintage and reproduction trains for sale at the show.

One dealer features lanterns.

Children always love playing with the wooden train sets.

Father offers a closeup view of N scale to his son.

Lego layouts are very popular.

Self propelled train ride at the show.

David Johnson with the club's raffle layout,
promoting the hobby to young and old alike.

A visitor gets hands on experience with N scale.

David Johnson with the club raffle layout.

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