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2007 Train Show at Rockome Gardens in Arcola, Illinois

Photos by Fred Houska April 21-22, 2007
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Sculpture garden at Rockome, in Amish country just east of Arcola, Illinois.

Gardens in early spring.

Let's go to the train show.

Jerry Prott applies skirting to his modules.

Jerry Prott and Tim O'Fallon fix the crossing flasher. Loose bulb.

The yard has a Western Maryland coal train belonging to Fred Houska, a Wisconsin Electric coal drag from Jerry Prott, and an Illinois Central freight by Bill Rieschel.

2-8-0 Consolidation steamer enters Coldwater Canyon past East Tower.

Western Maryland freight steams through Coldwater Canyon.

Glenn Koproske anticipates the next train to pass through the yard.

Glenn Koproske performs a field repair of Tim O'Fallon's locomotive. Diesels are easy. Steam is ridiculous.

A youngster watches the action at Coldwater Canyon.

Tim O'Fallon is pleased with the approaching Conrail motive power.

Glenn Koproske is ready to bring another train out of the yard.

Bill Rieschel and Jerry Prott prove that N scale model railroading is fun.

A covered hopper train tranverses Coldwater Canyon. This is from the N Scale Collector series "The Way They Should Have Been", and "The Way They Should Be Now".

This is the extent of the club yard modules with overhead lighting and custom painted skyboards.

N scale model railroading is for the whole family.

Kids are excited to see the N scale trains run.

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