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MVNS Annual Meeting November 4, 2007

Photos by Fred Houska

The assembly of Mississippi Valley N Scalers sits down to enjoy the food at Syberg's in Maryland Heights. Thanks to Ali Shahriary for setting up this year's meeting, and last year's meeting as well.

The annual meeting is called to order, and president Glenn Koproske pontificates. Paul Conrad and newest member Joe Kamm look on.

The issues of the past year are reviewed and plans are made for the future. Notice in the foreground that we are running trains as well! Amtrak!!

A brand new event, the club Giveaway, takes place after deliberations are over. The idea is to bring all the railroading stuff you don't need anymore, and give it to a good cause -- other MVNS members. Everything is free.

The club Giveaway program winds up. This was a very successful meeting. We hope to attract more new members and build new N-Trak modules. We will also endeavor to conduct extensive marketing for our annual train show.

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